Two and a half years ago I got a sewing machine for Christmas. A month later my first son was born and I took time off work. Time at home + cute baby + sewing machine = craft Renaissance. I've always been a creator of things. Growing up I drew, painted, stamped leather, made jewelry. Then in collage, I began developing my own film and exploring many kinds of printmaking. Grad school led me to spinning, knitting, crocheting, metal smithing and wood carving along with more experience painting. I love all of it, but the sewing machine has been my practical art-craft love these past few years.

When I began exploring how to sew, I immediately got on line. Woah! I was blown away by the number of step-by-step instructions, video and picture tutorials, projects to make and inspirations I found. It is because of crafty sharing bloggers that I learned how to make a pair of pants, sew my first quilt, make a lined canvas grocery bag, and fashion a laptop case. I was hooked. The more I made, the more I wanted to share. What an inspirational mecca the internet can be.

So here I am. Red Currant is a place where I can share my creations, my process, and my ideas. I'm pretty sure it's helping me to finish the projects I start too! Thank you for being here and for any blogging you may do.

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