Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten on Ten October--Baby Isaac born

Today is 10-10-10!
Ten on Ten--a photography journal project.
Take ten photos on the tenth of the month--one an hour for ten consecutive hours.

This morning I woke to a phone call from my friend Hannah, who had invited me to be at her birth.  She  was in labor.  Her contractions were eight minutes apart.  She told me to take a shower, have breakfast, take my time.  Her last labor had been 36 hours long.  She called me 30 minutes later to tell me to get there as soon as I could.  When I got there, her midwife, George, had just checked her out and said, "You're ready!"  She gave birth half an hour later.

8 o'clock hour: Hannah, looking radiant, taking a moment's rest in the tub.

9 o'clock hour: Her baby is birthed in the tub.  George brings the baby out of the water and places him in Hannah's arms.  This is the moment right after they looked to see that he was a BOY!  Throughout the pregnancy, they felt he was a girl.  Jeff kisses Hannah in celebration.

10 o'clock hour: lots of laughter.

10:30: George wraps Baby up in a sling to weigh him.  Nine and a half pounds!
(Ok, I know I'm cheating here with the once an hour picture, but I just can't help myself.  Time does funny things when a new life enters the world.)

11 o'clock hour: Hannah and baby boy cuddle.

12 o'clock hour: Baby is wrapped up in Papa Jeff's arms.  We take Hannah to the hospital for a check up.  Jeff snuggles with his son until we get back.

1 o'clock hour: Badger the pup waits quietly upstairs.

2 o'clock hour: His name is Isaac. 
Isaac means laughter. 
The alter is still alight with candles.
Mama settles back in the bed.

3 o'clock hour: Big brother Kai wakes up from his nap.  He holds his little brother saying, "He is soft.  He is all softness".

4 o'clock hour: Grandmother holds Baby Isaac while George watches their dance.

I drive home to see my own two boys.  
What a beautiful day.
Welcome to our world Isaac.


  1. I loved these pictures!!
    I had a water birth at home, too, so they really hit home.

    You are amazing, Hannah!
    Happy Birthday, Isaac!

  2. Welcome to the world Isaac!!!

    PERFECT pictures for a 10 on 10 on 10/10/10!!!

  3. Wow - what an amazing day you had. Such an honor. Beautiful capture.

  4. Could this be any more incredibly special!??! I blogged on the 9th that I hoped someone would have a baby on 10-10-10. Glad someone obliged. :)

  5. Holy smokes!

    This has got to be the most significant and awesome 10 set ever!

    What a joy to witness. Wow. Wow. Wow.

  6. Wow what powerful photos!! And so cool that she will have that day documented forever! Love it

  7. truly incredible! what a very special day, and yes, what an honor to be there! such moving and beautiful captures.

  8. Happy birthday, Isaac!

    Way to go Hannah!!! Kelly

  9. That's incredible! What an amazing moment to be able to capture!!

  10. The Ten on Ten project is so amazing. This particular day reminded me (yet again) that any ordinary moment can become extraordinary. You never know when it will happen. Expect it. Thanks for your support for baby Isaac and family.

  11. BEST 10 on 10 Ever! :)

    Beautiful baby beautiful mama!
    Thanks for sharing!

    10 on 10 on 10/10/10



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