Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogland Begins

This is my first real step into Blogland. As an observer, I know my way around a bit, but as a resident, I am in new territory. Here I go...

Red Currant is a place for me to explore and share creative endeavors. I am a mother, raising my two boys in Colorado, wife to a gardener, and a past (and future) Waldorf teacher. I get all sorts of funky ideas for crafty creations. Some work. Some don't. But I've decided to chronicle the process.

Hopefully, in the near future, this site will be full of ideas, inspirations, projects, reviews and tutorials. I expect you will see fabric projects, photography, painting, printing, carving, cooking and quilting. I'm open to see where this leads. I may take some hairpin turns along the way and end up in another place completely. I have no map. But I have lots of ideas to pave the way.

Here we are in action. That's me, Meg, with Oliver on my back and Solomon eating.

Here are the boys loving on each other.

In the next couple weeks I hope to post on a few projects I am currently working on. First in cue: a soft fabric scarf. Coming up...painting, freezer paper stencils, and a baby quilt.


  1. Hurray! Its about time that you shared all of your amazing talents!
    I love your fabric baskets! They are beautiful!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration Carrie! I look forward to sharing ideas.


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