Friday, July 2, 2010

Uganda Six Panel Skirt

My amazing mother-in-law went to Uganda last summer. She visited a market place and bought some fabric for me. At the market booth, she asked how many yards it was, but only got "two pieces" as a reply. It turns out that two pieces is quite a lot of fabric. This fabric is thick, with rich colors. The printing layers do not always match up, giving it a beautiful, organic, off-kilter look. I had been lusting after this for months, wanting to transform it into a skirt. She gave it to me just after my second son, Oliver, was born. I wanted to wait until I knew I could actually try the skirt on as my non-pregnant size. Finally, I finished it.

I used the Kwik Sew pattern 3337. A six-panel skirt takes awhile to cut out, but it was really easy to sew. This is a great pattern for anyone relatively new to sewing. It requires putting in a zipper, but otherwise is straight sewing with little technique required. It is such a fun, flowing skirt that I am sure I will make more in other fabrics.

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