Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn Quilt Squares

Summer has been beautiful. Yet I must confess I am ready for fall. Summer in the mountains can be bright and sometimes harsh. The red mountains against the vibrant blue sky and green grass is amazing. But...I'm ready for the faded colors of fall. I love the days when the yellow aspen leaves seem to shine against the dusky grey of the sky. So, I put all my other projects to the side and started pulling out fabric scraps. I found enough of these autumn colors to begin. I made two wonky squares 12" x 12". I love not having a true pattern but just putting strips together as I go.

And then I just couldn't help myself and I put a little bird from some Ikea fabric behind the big blue rectangle.


  1. I really like the reverse applique. I'm going to try that.
    Your quilt is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Talia! The reverse applique is so fun and easy, especially if you like the "rough" version with some fray. You should definitely try it.


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