Monday, September 6, 2010

More Autumn Squares

More Autumn squares done! I must say that I'm using very little method here while piecing these together. I am going clockwise in my piecing, rather than tops first, sides next. This gives it a kind of "wonky" feel. I'm deciding on the thickness of each strip as I go. This gives each square a very particular, homegrown feel. It is not very methodical or economical of time. But it is fun since I'm needing a "create as I go" kind of project right now. Scrappy fun.

I'm adding little birds from an Ikea print in reverse applique. I'm feeling quite drawn to birds and reverse applique right now. The orange colors are from an old napkin. The grey and blue are from old shirts that I got at the thrift store and cut up. There are also scraps of Amy Butler, Moda, Denyse Schmidt and Valori Wells.

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