Monday, November 1, 2010

So many projects, so little time

Having two children under the age of three and going back to work, even part time, means allowing for a certain amount of insanity to creep into your life.  It begins to slowly blur the edges, and then swarms in full force, like the hurricane washing over the calm eye of the storm.  

That's me in the eye.  Once calm and collected, I allowed the tempest of baby and toddler life to swirl around in their own cylindrical force, while I remained tall and solid in my central stance.  But they are a force to be reckoned with and I am losing my ground.  The puking didn't help.  One on Tuesday.  The other on Thursday.  Then each had a recovery day where they insisted on being attached to me like a whining, limp barnacle.  I know, when they are seventeen and hairy and wanting to stay out all night, I will miss this.  They are so sweet.

But, we sailed on.  We ate, we slept and creative endeavors continued.  

My Little O turned One!  He ate pumpkin pie, his first dessert.

My version of the birthday banner adorned our kitchen.

Sol, my little owl, flew on Halloween.  I found this awesomely easy tutorial for the body of his owl costume here: Use felt or felted sweaters for the easiest way to create such a costume.  I added wings and my friend made the mask, attaching it to a swimming cap (a wool hat covers the top).

My two gnomes enjoyed Halloween festivities.  I found an awesome gnome hat tutorial here:  Little O's beard was actually the fuzzy top part of a pair of "Ms Santa" socks.  After removing the "beard", the socks were perfect for my older gnome. :)

In other project news, we made a baby quilt for IAJ:
Very simple 1 1/4 yard square quilt, with a solid fabric on one side and print on the other.  I used a free motion foot to quilt it and a third fabric for the binding.

Toadstool quilt up close.

I began making some plant mats out of old felted sweaters and old pants.

And made a very simple child's apron for my niece's 3rd birthday.

Oh dear, it's just about Monday again.  Time for some sleep.

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  1. Best costumes ever. Seriously. Two of my favorites: owls and gnomes.

    I hear you on each and every thing you said. I really need to have every Monday off. I think I'd be a saner individual.

    Lovely makes.


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