Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mustache Glasses Tutorial

Etch your own Mustache Pint Glasses

Who doesn't like a good mustache?
Etch your own on pint glasses and sport a new mustache with each drink you pour.

Plain pint glasses (found at Target, Wal Mart, thrift shops, and other stores)
Glass etching cream (I use Armour Etch)
Contact Paper
Paint brush
X-Acto knife
Magazine or cardboard (upon which to cut with your x-acto knife)
Mustache template or your own drawings (template below)


1. Cut out mustaches (template below), or draw your own from the many inspiring mustaches out there and cut them out to make your own templates.  
2. Make your stencil by placing your mustache template on Contact paper.  Trace with a pen.  Since a mustache is symmetrical, it does not matter on which side you trace your design.  It will always transfer the right way.

3. Set your contact paper on a magazine or cardboard and cut out the traced mustache with your x-acto knife.  (Bonus if you use a magazine with someone's face on the front.)

4. Clean your glass and dry it, making sure there are no finger prints or oils on the outside of your glass.
5. Remove the contact paper backing and stick the contact paper on your glass (see glass on right of picture).  Rub the contact paper down with your finger nails or a spoon to make sure it sticks really well, all the way up to the edges.
6. Paint the etching cream on your stencil, making sure it is thick and only brushed on the stencil (see glass on left of picture).
7. Let the etching cream set for 15-20 minutes (the jar says 5 minutes, but I have found that 15-20 does the trick).
8. Wash your glass with soap and water to remove all the etching cream.
9. Peel the contact paper off your glass.
10. Wash your hands.  Even if you don't think you got any on your hands, wash them.  This stuff is pretty toxic and it is always better to be on the safe side.  

11. Pour yourself a drink and admire your mustache as you consume your tasty beverage.  --or--
11.5. Wrap up your glass as a present for your friend/spouse/boss/sibling/parent, knowing that he or she will enjoy being mustachioed while drinking a cold, tall glass of a favorite beverage.

Thank Yous:
Inspiration number one: My brother Mike, a fire fighter and facial hair connoisseur.  
These glasses are for him.
Other inspirations: Salvaldor Dali, Mike Ditka, Charlie Chapman, Tom Selleck and David Crosby.

Mustache template below: Click and save.  Then print.


  1. Meg,
    I giggled when I read this post. I am so doing this for Christmas presents.

  2. Love this! Posted about it on my blog and linked back to you, of course! :)

  3. Wow I like the fact that you may use etched glass for different kinds of use. Nice post!


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