Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Bird Sachet from Sewn Spaces

Joel Dewberry recently came out with a book of sewing projects, Sewn Spaces.

The blue sewing machine on the front cover was enough for me to want it.  That, and Joel Dewberry has created some amazing fabrics.  So, I got it.  The book itself is beautifully created.  The colors and layout are great design.
I must say, however, that the book overall is not that impressive. If you are considering purchasing the book, I highly recommend you go to a bookstore and flip through the whole book, making sure there are specific projects that interest you.  There are certain sewing ideas that I see in every collection of patterns--apron, yoga bag, market bag, pillow, journal cover, napkins, fabric cards.  Here they are again.  Really, what makes these projects different is that they use Joel Dewberry fabrics.  

My obsession with little birds has not ceased, however, and so I decided to make the bird sachet or pin cushion.  Now, this is the largest pin cushion I've ever seen. It's seriously a bit big to really be a pin cushion. (Can you tell from the picture?  I'm holding it in my hand and it fills my hand.)  But it is cute.  I didn't do some of the details, such as adding a bead for the eye or handstitching around the wing.  An old pair of pants became the belly.

Instructions: Simplicity is good unless it compromises clarity.  There are a few things that are left out, but really should be included for good instructions.  I have only created one project thus far, but there were elements I felt should be included for a solid project.  
Pattern pieces: These are all printed on two pieces of pattern paper and they overlap each other.  I assume this was a design to save paper, but it requires the user to make his or her own pattern by retracing it on more paper.  Hmmm.  Also, the drawstring pajama pants only come in a size small.  If you're not a size small, you must resize them for yourself.  
One cool detail: In the front of the book it says that you can make any of these patterns and sell them.  I think this is fantastic.

I am not stoked about this book.  But it sure does look good.  If you like Joel Dewberry's style, you may really enjoy this book.  I am intrigued to recover a chair now.  If you don't like his fabric, you probably won't like this book.  If you're a more experienced sewer, this book is not for you.  Yet, if you have a really awesome friend who needs a large bird pincushion, you've got yourself a project!

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