Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fabric Cards

Making Valentine's Day cards was so fun that I decided to make more fabric cards.

I got this fun set of stamps from my mother-in-law for Christmas.

After using them on paper, I got out some fabric and started printing little trees, houses and bicycles.

I folded up some cardstock and then cut my printed fabric to sizes just larger than the front of the cardstock.

With the fabric the right side down, and the inside of the card facing up, sew around the edge of the card.  The fabric stays pretty flat just from the weight of the card.  However, if you want it to look really nice and neat, with no slack at all, spray a fabric adhesive on to the back side of your fabric to adhere it to your card.  

I plan on making a little vellum tag with a message on it for this card, but I'll wait until I know who I'm giving it to and what I want to say.

Here too I'm hoping to add a little message just above the lowest blue strip.  

I let my three-year-old play with the stamps too.  This is the creation I made from his work.


  1. Thanks Dani! I sent them all out in a week. Turns out, if I have cards around, I find lots of good things I want to tell people. So, I'll make more. And perhaps some will end up on my walls.


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