Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pieces cut for Single Girl Quilt

Hooray, the Single Girl Quilt is happening!
Finally my pattern came in the mail.
Here are my cut pieces--with wine glass and lip gloss in the corner of the pic--essential. :)

It took me two days to cut out all the pieces for the rings.
31 templates for 31 pieces.  12 of each.
That's 403 pieces total.
A good Bruce Willis movie and This American Life helped me to finish.
Bruce Willis is great for quilting by the way.  When he speaks, you know what facial expression he is using and have no need to look at the screen.  Not a dis, just saying it works with quilting. :)

Now all my ring pieces are organized in labeled envelopes.  
My mother has got to be so proud of this organization!
She is a woman who has all her stuff in boxes in the attic...
The boxes are numbered...
She has a chart showing where each box is in the attic...
 and another chart showing all the contents of each box.
Seriously, that woman knows what she's doing.

Me on the other hand...sure I have boxes.  They are full of stuff.  I'm not even sure what's there.
And my last quilt was made completely and wonderfully haphazardly, one unique square at a time.  I decided when I was finished by being done. 

So, this is a new thing.  Thank you to all the ladies helping me along in the Single Girl Quilt Along (check out button on the side bar)!  And thanks to my mother.
I'm on my way to DC tomorrow for a vacation and plan on getting even more behind on this quilt.
But, I'm so happy it's started and organized.
All is well in Quilt Land.


  1. I can't wait to see how this comes together.

    Loving it thus far, of course.

  2. Wow! I'm super impressed with your organization skills.

    And thanks for the Bruce Willis tip. I'll keep that in mind for my next sewing project. :)


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