Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ten on Ten April

Ten On Ten

on the tenth of the month, take a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours.
find life and beauty among the ordinary

morning snow through window

spreading the bun

throwing Oli on the bed

baby shower flowers

lil Emory


Sage and sky

Hot Springs lockers

airing up tires

earth against sky.

Another ten pictures on the tenth of the month.
still loving this meditation in moments.
thank you!  


  1. A nice set of pictures capturing the moments of your day!
    P.S. we are vacationing in CO right now...

  2. It looks cold there still- but at least you have snow (if it is going to be cold I want snow). I love your lil Emory picture- such cuteness.


  3. I always enjoy a peek into your day. Great set.


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