Friday, April 8, 2011

Upcycled skirt

Two pair of wool (and lycra) pants
One men's wool suitcoat
One awesome winter skirt, from all recycled thrift store materials.

The upcycled winter skirt:

 My favorite colors are grey, charcoal, black, and taupe.  So, this works quite well with my palette.  :)
It has enough heaviness to hold its shape and enough lycra to flow.  Forgive the lack of proper ironing, please.

Here is the pattern I used.  Kwik Sew 3195, style A.
Frankly, I like my skirt so much better than the example on the pattern cover.  
But, maybe that's just me.  I'm not really a candy cane striped kind of gal.
Since it uses smaller pieces of fabric, it's perfect for upcycling old clothes.

The pattern was simple, definitely for a beginner.  There is no zipper, but only an elastic waist.  At first I thought I wouldn't like this, but it feels good.  I ended up making my elastic waist band a bit larger than they suggested in the pattern because I don't like the feeling of something tight on my waist.  Other than that, I followed the instructions exactly.

Using all recycled material presented one challenge.  The pattern marked the direction of stripes.  Some of the pieces were shaped a bit like the letter "L".  It became tricky to fit all the pieces on my recycled pants with the correct striped direction.  I ended up using two pair of pants and one large wool suitcoat to accommodate for all the pieces.  

Conclusion: go get more clothes at the thrift store and make skirts with used fabric!

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