Monday, July 12, 2010

Fabric Baskets

I'm on my way to my first line of products to sell. This is a very exciting endeavor for me. I'm making fabric baskets for storage. These baskets are great for gathering children's toys, hats and gloves, yarn, holding diapers in the nursery, etc. I'm using a small one as a catch-all for my keys, cell phone, wallet and checkbook in our front hallway. I took another small one and put a plant in it to cover up the basic pot.

I'm hoping to have these for sale in an etsy store by August 1st.
Here I am ironing and painting my hand-made freezer paper stencils on the front of the bags.

Here are some of the first fabric bags I made. My new line is a little better, with suede handles and all original designs on the front.

More on this subject in the near future.

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