Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Yard Wonders Made

I must say I was inspired by "One Yard Wonders".
Many of the projects are very simple and often things you might "just figure out" (such as the ironing board cover where you trace your ironing board and create a shaft for a chord) or even patterns you would find on line. However, they are inspiring. So much so that I made three of these projects in one week. Sometimes I love long projects, where the finished products will last for years. Other times, I want some quick fixes, things I can start and complete in a day. "One Yard Wonders" satisfied my quick fix need.

So, I finally recovered my old table-top ironing board.
Hooray! Now ironing is beautiful.
I think this took me one hour. My 2-year-old son even helped.

And I made the folklore bag.
I love it!
I must say it felt like it took a long time to cut out the pattern, cut out the pieces and all the interfacing. But now I have a cute summer bag.
It is bigger than I imagined, but a perfect size for me, since I am used to carrying around heavy diaper bags with too many supplies. This will hold all my essentials and not get too weighty.

I lined the inside with the same material as the outside, since that is the instruction of the pattern and I have a yard of this Denyse Butler fabric. The magnetic clasp, which is very useful and neat, cost me $5 at my local sewing shop, which was disappointing. After purchasing it, I found an old purse my mother gave me that is falling apart; it has three of these lovely magnetic clasps on it. So, I plan on re-purposing them into a new bag. I like the pattern so much, I'm going to make a winter version.

The winter version sneak preview:

I found a pair of wool Gap pants at the thrift store.
I cut them at the outer seams into two large pieces of grey wool.
I cut out the outer pieces of the pattern. (No pictures...I did this while hanging out with some friends and wasn't thinking about documenting the process). Then I made a stencil from some freezer paper.
And painted it on with black Permaset fabric paint.

What follows will be in the next post.

I also made a cute toddler apron that folds into a bag. I made it for my niece, Anna Scout, but since her birthday was yesterday, I packed it up immediately after making it, and forgot to take a picture. I'll see if my brother can take a picture of her wearing it for a future post.

Bottom line:
I like the book.
Some items are super easy.
Some items are dorky. (What are those boot cover things??? And how many Moms out there want matching halter tops for themselves and their daughters?)
The childrens' clothing section is all for girls and I have two boys...
There are many amazing patterns that are easy, useful, and beautiful. Out of 101 projects, you will find ones you really like.
You will make them!
I have several more projects I know I will make soon.
The book is worth it!
And I look forward to the next edition.
I may even get One Yard Skeins, projects for knitting.


  1. You have been busy! I love that bag! Did it only take a yard of fabric including the liner? Also, I need to make a cover for my ironing board.
    Did you use elastic? i think that I am going to have to get the book:)

  2. Carrie, I thought I had commented in return but I see that I have not. Argh. The bag uses only one yard of fabric, including the liner, although it would be fun to use another scrap fabric for the liner. It also requires a magnetic snap and heavy weight interfacing. The ironing board doesn't use elastic but you make a channel for a cord that you pull tight. So glad I made it! Ironing is much more fun now.


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