Sunday, July 18, 2010

One Yard Wonders

I just picked up One Yard Wonders at my local sewing shop, Glenwood Sew. This book looks amazing. It has 101 different projects that you can make with only 1 yard of fabric! The instructions seem very clear, the projects are fun and practical, and they use some super cute fabrics. Sections of the book include Dwell, Household, Craft Organization, On the Go, From Head to Toe, Carry It All, Outfit Your Small Wonder, Accessorize your Little One, Playtime and Your Furry Friends. My only disappointment is the lack of little boy clothes in the Outfit Your Small Wonder chapter. As a mother of two boys I am always searching for fun things to make them. But, perhaps I'll start with the messenger bag. Two-and-a-half year old Sol would love it in the robot fabric. Here are some of the most intriguing projects to me:

The folklore bag.

Ballet neck Toddler Dress.

Child's Messenger Bag.

Pet Bed.

Tabletop Ironing-Board Cover.

(This I desperately need, as my little ironing board accidentally got paint on it from a stenciling experiment).

Each project shows you exactly how to lay out the pieces for one yard of fabric. This is very helpful to a visual sewer like myself.

I realize this book was published a year and a half ago, so I am way behind the times. But it is never too late to get inspired and crafty. It looks like Storey Publishing is working on a follow-up book, so I better get started now on these projects.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have wanted to buy this book for a while...
    I cant wait to see what you make with these patterns!


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