Sunday, June 5, 2011

Toadstool Radishes: 30 Days of Creativity: Day 5

Toadstool radishes for a gnome picnic

Is this one of the silliest things ever? 
I adore them.
My sons loved them and ate them quickly.

Here is a salad fit for gnomes.  
If I could, I would eat it on these toad-stools from Tao of Craft. (But it was delicious under the apple tree in the garden too)

 Here is how to turn your radishes into tiny toadstools.

One: Take a knife and position it half way down the radish.  Make an inscision that circles the radish and cuts about halfway into the radish.

It should look like this.  You've cut partially into the radish where you would mark its diameter.

Two: Slice from the bottom down in straight lines to meet this diameter cut you made.  You are leaving a little square in the center as you do this.

Three: Do this four times, each time moving 90 degrees over, until you've cut out a little stem.

Five: Gently insert the side of your knife into the top of your radish and swivel it around to peel a little circle out of the top.  Make several more little circles like this.

Now you have a radish fit for the best gnome picnic ever.


  1. I love this! My grandma used to make us wagon sandwiches. Ritz crackers stuck together with a toothpick for the wheels. Then a ½ sandwich of some kind on the wheel bases and a piece of celery for the wagon handle.

  2. Oh wow that is sooooo adorable!! Will have to try that sometime!

  3. I made these radish toadstools for our Smurfday party


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