Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ink Drawings: 30 Days of Creativity: Day 12

Sketches of my favorite levers

Ok, so I just can't help being a physics nerd.  A very simple physics nerd, that is.
I think simple machines are so cool.
After teaching seventh grade physics with levers, pulleys, inclined planes, screws (an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder), and reading the book One Good Turn, I declared myself in love.

Today in particular, I am in love with the lever.
So I have this idea that I'm going to create some linoleum prints of all my favorite levers.

Right now this is my list:

Clothes Pin
Garlic Press
Wheel Barrow
Safety Pin

I want to create nine small prints of levers to organize together.  
So I have to limit my list to nine.

What's your favorite lever?

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